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Let's shape the future of education together.

At the heart of CORA's mission is the transformative power of education. We believe that quality education is one of the main pillars for empowering young people and creating a fairer and more equal future.


Through innovative diversity programs and strategic partnerships, CORA is committed to providing educational opportunities that transcend barriers and open doors.


About CORA

CORA is a non-profit association (NGO) focused on gathering support and conditions for young people to have access to quality education. CORA wants to join forces to overcome the social gaps in our Brazil. By generating more opportunities in education, we create a basis for a more equitable job market that benefits from diversity. CORA's mission is to promote access to quality education and create the necessary conditions for effective academic achievement, thus generating opportunities for more women to enter universities and take over leadership positions.


Why do we exist?

We exist to counter-fight a major problem: according to the Brazilian Statistics Institute, 29% of the Brazilian population is black, brown and indigenous women. This is the group that suffers the most from social and racial inequalities. For example, only 3% of leadership positions are held by them.


Considering the intersectionality of gender and race, we see very rare examples of black women succeeding in their professional career towards leadership. Since slavery, we have gone through centuries of discrimination and inequality of opportunities, that are still a reality today.


How to Engage


You can contribute to the cause, considering the following options:


Companies and organizations who decide to partner with CORA can contribute in the following way:

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Origin, Name and Logo


Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

3 Objectives.png

CORA and its program are aligned with 3 of the 17 sustainable development goals promoted by the United Nations (“UN”)

4th objective: Quality education

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

5th objective: Gender equality:

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

16th objective: Peace, justice and strong institutions:

Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, providing access to justice for all and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions.

Vision, Mission and Values



CORA Association is a non-profit organization that follows the principles of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and operates in accordance with the IBGC manual - Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance.


Governance in the case of NGOs aims to execute the organization's mission and ensure that it is successful in achieving its social objectives, through transparency and commitment to your purpose.


Professional management, defined processes, auditing and accountability are components of governance, and play a crucial role in maintaining trust in the relationship with our partners.


The return



Purpose: Contributing to education provides a sense of purpose and satisfaction.


Impact: By supporting, you make a difference in students' lives.


Tax Deduction: Donations can be deducted directly from your income tax.



Social Responsibility: Donations and support demonstrate the commitment to society (ESG concept).


Reputation: Involvement in social causes improves reputation with customers and partners.


Employees: Donation and support for NGOs increase motivation and engagement.


Tax: Donations are tax deductible, bringing tax benefits.



Training: CORA provides access to an innovative Racial Educational program, in partnership with the consultancy agency Tree DIversidade.


Support: CORA offers support with iin order to facilitate the inclusion of the scholars.

Success guarantee

Sucess Guarantee.png

The program

We create diversity programs focused on educational inclusion and access to quality education for all.


At CORA we have a holistic approach and also recognize families and schools as fundamental pillars of change.


We offer them training paths, complementary activities and support to boost the success of the program.


CORA Journey

Our goal is to provide scholars with the resources and skills they need to be able to develop themselves and take forward innovative solutions, promoting positive social impact in their surroundings.

Support Journey.png

The solution

The solution.png

CORA wants to join forces to overcome the social gaps in Brazil. By generating more opportunities in education, we create a basis for a more equitable job market that benefits from the diversity of thoughts and experiences of this important part of the population.


Our goal is to empower girls through quality education and thus create opportunities for them to reach their full potential in the future, contributing to a more equal and fair job market.


Through the CORA Program, in the short term, students receive access to quality education and, in the long term, we create bridges for these young women to access the best universities, reach leadership positions and go even further.

The impact

CORA educates and transforms:



Benefits from relationships and friendships established in the program, leveraging advantages of positioning in the professional market in the future


Selective process


CORA’s selection process is supported by three important stages:

First stage: Students, self-declared as black, mixed-race or indigenous, are pre-selected during elementary school, with the support and recommendation of their current school, considering their academic history, family income, engagement and appreciation of education as a factor for change.

Second stage: CORA receives the students' records containing their grade history and the recommendation report from the current school and carries out a detailed analysis of the pre-selected profiles, applying selection criteria that, among other things, map the motivation to participate in the program, as well as residential proximity to available destination schools.

Third stage: CORA carries out one or more interviews - in person or online - with the students and their parents/guardians to define the program participants and allocate students to the destination schools, thus confirming participation in the program.

Student Selection Process.png


Colegio Castelo.png

CORA's selection process includes the following steps:


Identification: CORA identifies potential schools. We analyze the history of engagement in social causes, focus on humanized education, diversity, among others.


Contact: We present the CORA Journey and discuss the details of the partnership. We clarify the eligibility criteria for students, the stages of the selection process and much more.

Selection: We select the schools that best fit the criteria and urban perimeter of the program and the students. This is how we established the partnership.

Training: CORA provides information on how to enroll students, monitor adaptation, and report information on student progress.

Initiation and adaptation

Selection of Allies: schools will identify and pre-select students who are interested in playing the role of supporting the adaptation of new students. CORA will meet Allies through online meetings and complete their training.

Initiation: The school will maintain constant communication to ensure that students are receiving the necessary support to start and adapt in the new environment.

Allies: Each student will receive contact information from a student at the school to be their Ally, the one who will help and accompany the integration and adaptation: show the school, invite CORA's students to form work groups, accompany breaks, introduce the new student to other students and staff, help with general questions, whether or not related to the school curriculum.

Monitoring: CORA monitors the students, holds meetings with the school and with Allies to assess possible risks to the program and recommend measures to adjust, aiming at the academic success of students.

Initiation and adaptation.png

The CORA team


Jacqueline Michelleto.png

Jacqueline Michelleto

Founder and General Director

With +17 years of experience in HR and Corporate Finance, Jacque has an international career and is a diversity strategist. Leading initiatives that boost career equality and developing diversity and inclusion programs for sustainable business growth, Jacque is also engaged in several social projects around the world and mentoring in Switzerland, where she lives.

Acreditamos no poder da ação voluntária para transformar vidas. O impacto social da CORA é impulsionado pelo compromisso da nossa equipe, que doa seu tempo e talento para fazer a diferença em prol da educação. Não há remuneração envolvida aos diretores, nosso trabalho é movido pelo amor e pelo desejo de contribuir para um mundo mais justo e igualitário.


Otavio Luciano.png

Octavio Luciano

Web designer


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Our offices



CORA Association has its operational base in Brazil, in São Paulo, constituted and registered with CNPJ 49.255.898/0001-38. We raise resources locally and invest 100% in executing the program, without any pro-labore or remuneration for directors or volunteers.



CORA Association is legally incorporated in Switzerland as per registry CHE-149.906.557, in Einsiedeln. The activities are exclusive to raise awareness of educational challenges, international support and fundraising, all towards the operational activities in Brazil.

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